Second Life's first multi-brand cosmetics store


KOZMETIKA Summer Event!

Join the founding Kozmetika team along with special guests as we stock our shelves with new summer releases and freebies.

June 18 @ 6am SLT through June 20th @ 6am SLT.


Pick up new releases and freebies from stores such as but not limited to: [ a.e. meth ], Grixdale, MOCK, Virtual/Insanity, *BOOM*, Pididdle, La Malvada Mujer, (Ag) Cosmetics, *RezIpsa Loc*, cheLLe, Glamorize, [ bubble ], HUIT, ))P.Art((, Miseria, Bodyline, bang bang and Candydoll!


Also, we are holding a our semi-annual Face of Kozmetika contest!  We will be choosing next seasons face.

Are you beautiful enough?


Enter the Kozmetika Summer Season Model Contest for your chance be our poster girl!

What does it mean to be a poster girl?

1. You get 2500L just for being hot.
2. You get free goodies.
3. You get a your photo done by Asami Schnyder (
4. You get your face plastered all over Kozmetika!

No photo morphs.
You must be wearing cosmetics that can be found at Kozmetika.
Headshots only.
You can enter as many photos as you like.

How to enter:
Post your photo in our flickr group, on or before July 08 2011.  Please be sure to list the tag, Kozmetika.
Please name the photo, FOKS followed by your avatar first and last name.
You must include the name of the makeup worn in the description field.

Only one winner will be chosen.  The winner will be chosen by a panel of outside judges who are involved in Kozmetika and will be announced the weekend after the contest ends.

If you have any additional questions about the contest, please feel free to contact Claire Dallin, via notecard.

Featured Guest- Pixel Art

This weeks featured guest is Lilu Portal creator of Pixel Art. With a wide selection of makeup’s to choose from you can be sure to find that perfect makeup to match your every day look, special occasion or if you just want to stand out from the crowd! As always our special guest is only here for two weeks so waste no time stopping by to pick out your favorites!

                                                                                                !!*))P.ArT(( FoXy EyEliner

                                                                                             ))P.ArT(( Barbed Star tattoo

So head on down to Kozmetika and take advantage of these affordable and creative makeups from Pixel Art before it’s to late!

Featured Guest- .:Glamorize:.

This weeks featured guest is .:Glamorize:. They have a large selection of makeup including eye shadows, lipsticks and combos of both! Glamorize is an inexpensive, high quality store with many wonderful cosmetics! So stop by Kozmetika and check out what will put the finishing touches on your next look.

Hurry on by .:Glamorize:.  is only here for two weeks!

Featured Guest- alaskametro<3 cosmetics

This weeks featured guest is Alaska Metropolitan of alaskametro<3. Who has released some very colorful spring makeups! So get your sun dresses on and stop by Kozmetika to stock up on makeup to make your look pop with bright, vibrant contrasts with eyes and lips.

The makeups are designed to go with alaskametro<3 skin line however I was able to use other skins and tweek my shape a little to make them fit perfectly also.

Get a pedicure and manicure also! In many brilliant colors. So hurry in and stock up on this weeks featured guest at Kozmetika!

Featured Guest-Miamai

This week we have a treat for everyone with the luscious long and eye catching lashes from Miamai, by Monica Outlander. Miamai is our special guest and is only here till the end of the week so be sure to come in and treat yourself to something one of a kind.

The Miamai LesMakeups Maudite pack comes with five unique eye shadows.

The next eyeshadow Miamai XGen Vintage LashNLiner is sold in many colors and also includes hair base options.

So stop by Kozmetika and pick up some goodies from our featured guest Miamai!